• Innovative Percussion | IP-1 $45.000

    The IP-1 is designed for general concert snare drum use.  The stick is constructed of heartwood hickory resulting in a denser and slightly heavier stick weight.  The IP-1 is designed slightly thicker and longer for increased control and balance.  The elongated oval bead creates a darker sound, while the short taper increases the tip weight for better response at lower dynamic levels.  The IP-1 is an excellent multi-purpose concert snare drumstick.

  • Innovative Percussion | IP-JC $55.000

    The Innovative Percussion Jim Campbell IP-JC Hickory Snare Drumsticks are constructed of heartwood hickory, and the oval shaped bead creates a full dark tone quality. The very short taper and small collar size give the stick an excellent balance and response for rolls and softer passages.

  • Innovative Percussion | IP-JC2 $89.000

    James Campbell, Professor of Music and Director of Percussion Studies at the University of Kentucky, has assisted Innovative Percussion in creating another great addition to the line of concert series snare drum sticks. Constructed of laminated birch, the IP-JC2 is a larger or maestoso version of the popular IP-JC model. The IP-JC2 features an elongated teardrop bead and a very long taper. The stick tapers slightly from the butt of the stick to the shoulder from a thickness of .680″ to .645″.

  • Innovative Percussion | IP-LD $52.000

    The Innovative Percussion IP-LD was designed by percussion instructor Lalo Davila with the beginning percussion student in mind. It has the extra length you would expect from a concert snare stick but with a slightly smaller diameter so it’s easier for young players to hold.

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